Promoting biblical citizenship.

Helping you faithfully participate.

Biblical citizenship

A Vital Calling

Alarmed by the falsehood, decay, and outright evil occurring in our country, we ask, what can be done?  My faith keeps me hopeful, but the issues are so big, how do I make a difference?  As a person of faith, how would I even get involved? 

The Big Sky Center for Biblical Citizenship is committed to promoting a biblical view of citizenship and helping you faithfully participate in your community. For the good of society.

The source of this commitment is in the Bible where followers of Jesus Christ are exhorted that while we are ultimately citizens of heaven serving a sovereign God, He has also called us to live as salt and light on earth.  Including as citizens. 

Study Guide

The Big Sky Center's bible-based study guide covers:

...God's design for freedom, government, and citizenship;

...our system of government and what's gone wrong;

...the role of the church, families, and individual Christians;

...practical ways that faithful citizens can participate and make a difference.  

For self-led groups, or also available to be taught by the Big Sky Center.

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Classes Onsite & Online

The Group Study can be taught for your group by the Big Sky Center.

Depending on your location, classes can be taught onsite or online; and as weekly classes, half-day or day workshops, or shorter presentations.

Additionally, there are many excellent classes offered by other national organizations. 

Class Options

Upcoming Events

Attend events and activities sponsored by the Big Sky Center and others.

Our online calendar includes:

..local events, speakers, and service opportunities of community organizations supported by the Big Sky Center; and speakers of other excellent regional and national organizations. 

Calendar of Events

Biblical Citizen App

An easy way to participate, the Center's Biblical Citizen app will allow you to connect with and join others, and receive information, news, and event announcements.

Local community groups supported by the Center will have their own space in the app for local information, events, speakers, and opportunities to participate locally. You decide which to follow.

Post the content to your own social media, or forward directly to friends and family from within the app!

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Take Action

There are easy ways for you to:

...pray daily; your elected officials;

...follow important legislation and local policy. 

The Big Sky Center links you to the tools and resources you need to communicate with and support your elected officials.

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Local Groups

Participate in groups right in your community and make a difference!  

Follow and join these groups on the Biblical Citizen app to:

...connect with others;

...participate in service;

...engage on the issues;

...attend local events.  

The groups we recommend operate in a way that advances the Big Sky Center's mission in your local area.

Local Groups

Want to join our mission? 

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